Bedroom Tables Ideas | 8+7 Stylish&Functional Makeup Vanity Ideas

It’s always necessary to give your getting-ready zone a much needed design. But when we get started our dressing table design for bedroom, it turns out to be really tough: even if we already have a perfect vanity table, so many cosmetics that we don't know where to hide, so many earrings and necklaces that get tangled together, and finally, we clean up the table but feel empty: always missing decorative items for creating a stylish atmosphere.
makeup mirror illuminated
But now problems solved: use these 8 tips that make dressing table organization easy to achieve and maintain in your bedroom.

TIP 1: Just light up makeup mirror and things can make a big difference

This has nothing to do with the Broadway style, and actually adding some lights can go a long way to elevate the beauty level of the makeup area: vanity table with mirror and lights is necessary, light bulbs are an accessory in their own right during the day, and if you're not into retro style, try a vanity with LED strips, which is your go-to for a modern look. At night, the role of the light source is fully reflected: a dresser that emits light is a good tool to bid farewell to the tiredness of the day.
clipop vanity tables with led strips

TIP 2. A vanity table with drawer needs to be well organized

Never put cosmetics and other objects directly on the table top: Get the most out of your drawers or storage try to use small grids to place cosmetics, makeup brushes and other items on small grids. For the rustic style vanity table, you can try small rattan baskets. For the modern style desk, acrylic boxes are highly recommended. For dressers without drawers, a better solution is to add a storage drawer. This furniture visually enriches your makeup corner and also allows everything to find a place to hide, even if you just toss the small items in the drawer, better than stacking them on the table.
clipop vanity table with drawers

TIP 3. A good table needs to be matched with a good dressing stool

Unsurprisingly, style consistency is important-whether it is in home decor, or in dress collocation. Except those complete dressing table with chair, a dressing table needs to find the chair that belongs to it. Remember: the color of the table and the color of the chair should belong to the same color family. Light-colored tables can be matched with brightly colored chairs.
A white dressing table chair can be matched with any color of vanity tables, and a white makeup table can be matched with any color of stools as well, even yellow chairs, green chairs or blue chairs, as long as you choose the right material, they will show a good visual effect.
Clipop dressing table with pink chair

clipop white vanity table with pink stool

Tips: chairs or stools made of fabric are not recommended for use near makeup tables. You should know that it takes a long time to clean up the powder and color blocks produced by makeup. Use plastic or leather chairs for easier cleaning.
modern dressing table with chair

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TIP 4: List of decorative accessories that can be placed on the desktop

Dressing tables in social media photos are always filled with all sorts of decorative items , but when you start setting up your own vanity, you have no idea - don't be discouraged, follow my super long list, feel free to pick your favorite objects, which can be easily got on shopping sites:
  • The tray is a container for small things. It is recommended to use a rectangular or oval tray. Choosing the material of plate according to your preference-ceramic plates with gold rims add mid-century modern, and wooden trays are an option for japandi style etc...

vanity table set up ideas

decoration tray for vanity table

vanity table set up ideas

  • Candles: Choose a candle set of different sizes, or a scented candle in a fancy glass. You don't have to light them all day- just use them when you want to take photos or add to the atmosphere at night.

dressing table set up candle

  • Storage JarAcrylic storage jars are the best choice for storing makeup brushes that are not easy to hide.

8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom

  • A mini sculpture: Whether it's David or Venus, a small white sculpture will bring a rich artistic touch to your vanity table.

Bedroom table ideas | 8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom

  • Mirror: In addition to the mirror that comes with the table, prepare a small mirror on the table, which will increase the layering of the entire vanity set and make it easier for you to observe the details of your face when applying makeup.  
Bedroom table ideas | 8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom
  • Show your perfume collection: All kinds of perfume bottles are a kind of high-end decoration in themselves. Don't hide them, please display them on your desktop generously. 

Bedroom table ideas | 8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom

  • Green plants and flowers: Don't forget the breath of life - prepare greenery or flowers to brighten your mood while applying makeup.

Bedroom table ideas | 8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom

TIP 5: Rugs and cushionsand these soft furnishings should not be forgotten

We've talked about chairs. What's more important than chairs? That's the soft furnishings: We all know that tables and chairs are made of hard materials, and everything would be icy cold without soft rugs and fluffy cushions - hard things need to be neutralized by soft things. In addition to adding to the aesthetics of the entire vanity unit, these objects can really provide you with a sense of comfort.

Bedroom table ideas | 8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom

Bedroom table ideas | 8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom

TIP 6: If you are a jewelry collector, display your jewelry

Pretty earrings and delicate necklaces shouldn't be hidden away in cabinets, and there should be a corner for them on the dresser. Whether you use an open display shelf or a closed display box, in short, don't pass up the opportunity to expose them.

Bedroom table ideas | 8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom

Bedroom table ideas | 8 Stylish makeup vanity ideas for bedroom

TIP 7:  Pair your dresser with bedside table

If the dresser is not enough to decorate your bedroom space, then you can choose a bedside table, and extend the tabletop along the nightstand, so that the available plane in the bedroom is increased, and colleagues have added a lot of storage drawers.

clipop furniture bedside table ideas

TIP 8. Expand your mirror

If a traditional vanity with a mirror doesn't look stunning to you, try this full wall mirror - not only will it visually double your bedroom, but it will also serve as a one-of-a-kind decorative effect. People who like minimalist style should not miss this dresser design, which is in line with their life pursuit: Less is more.Vanity units of this style reflect their good taste.

Bedroom tables ideas | 8+7 Stylish&Functional makeup vanity ideas

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