Solemn Statement

It is found that the so-called "clipper shopping private limited" (website: All products sold on the website are not authorized by our company in any form.

In this regard, we solemnly declare that the so-called "clipop shopping private limited" and all products sold on the website have no connection with designer furniture -

Our understanding of the so-called "clipop shopping private limited" ”We reserve the right to take further legal measures.

Please know Designer furniture - is sold in continental Europe only. There are no online stores outside continental Europe. Our trade make number is 017886085.

Clipop is focus on furniture design and manufacture, with over 10 years of furniture business. We create casual, mid century modern, Glam style, and trend furniture pieces influenced by the city culture. From home to office. You can find any furniture you want here. Here we are committed to bring you a safe and secure shopping experience, Thank you for reading this statement, and continue to support and trust our store!

-By  Designer furniture -


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