Product Material

About the choice of support structure, mostly glass and steel, this is the classic material of modernism, used by many designers, from an aesthetic point of view, this material symbolizes the spirit of arrogance and ambitiousness in the process of conquering nature, passed to the user is a resolute, determined aesthetic psychological process.

In the choice of soft package material, use flannel, linen, and PU, these materials can be set in a variety of colors, visually, it adds a lot of pleasure to users, meanwhile, because of good skin-friendly and soft visual perception, not only for young people, but also very suitable for children and the elderly, it is an excellent choice for home and office.

Hard,  strong steel, glass with warm, pleasing flannel, linen, PU, combination, Formed a very tensionful visual picture, for the user, they are facing more than just a piece of cold furniture, Still excellent artwork for viewing.

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