Decor Inspo: 11 Area Rug Trends to Light Up Your Home

Rugs are such a decorative element in your home that will always look good no matter where you place them.
There are a wide variety of rugs styles and designs available, including modern and vintage styles. But finding the perfect rug for a room might be a difficult task for some.
If you feel overwhelmed when choosing, we’ve got ideas to help guide you on your rug buying mission: we’ve selected a few popular rug trends to narrow down the plethora of options you have in the market.

1. Irregular faux fur rug

2. Colored tie dye rug

3. Rustic minimalist linen rug

4. Japandi style ratten rug

5. Bohemian paretten rug 

6. Faux fur country rug

7. Mid-century morden colorful rug 

8. Chic cream white area rug

9. Fluffy rug

10. Natural style cotton linen blend rug

11. Modern black and white checkered area rug

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