Product Structure

In the process of structural design, safety is the primary consideration;on the choice of structural materials, mainly steel, Maximize the characteristics of steel plasticity, create a variety of shapes that are appropriate to modern social life, minimize the modernist styling characteristics to the extreme, eliminate any extra form. On the other hand,in order to make up for the monotonous and tedious problems of minimalism, the designer transforms the structure of the work into a vivid shape, make the works both simple and elegant in Modernism, and the interest and comfort of Post-Modernism. Designers collect a large amount of data on human body structure, after precise calculation test, the data suitable for people to sit, lie down, read and write are summarized, and apply it to the design of works, in order to complete the basic use of the function, keep the bones and muscles of the human body in the most relaxed state, will not feel tired due to prolonged use.

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